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Bienvenidos a la clase de Español! Enjoy my wiki and try some of these new sites! These will be great resources for us as a class!

Buena suerte!
Mrs. Morrall

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google squared--information about Spanish Speaking Countries

mexico information

6 traits


Create a house or other model and label parts

Create or join a group

Excellent source with a variety of links to great sites!

Check out other sources:


Create a Wordle
Historic speeches in Wordle
external image msword.png Wordle in the Classroom Ideas Week 1 Tech Camp.doc

Here is a nice blog entry on 5 Reasons to Use Wordle by Terri Freedman:
Wordle of the Day:

Creative Addition with Morphing

Squirlz Morph

Fun with Digital Images
Bubblejoy Create cards or messages
Cameroid Manipulate pictures or images.
Add Letters
Image Chef make your own icon - lose the brown square

Space Your Face
My Movie Moment Add an image to a movie or clip.
Jib Jab Create a Jib Jab Create photo mosaics
25 Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself Play with images!
Mushy Gushy Work with your images.
Generate License Plates Generate many different license plates. Create your own comic strips Create your own comics. Yearbook yourself! My Web Face make yourself a cartoon.

Collaborative Tools
A whole group of collaborative tools: the good, the bad and the ugly
Web pages that aren't static - they are constantly changing
Web 2.0 Tools Listing - from Meg's Wiki
Tribes We Need You to Lead Us by: Seth Godin
Web Exhibits
Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers from an Art Teacher


Interactive Tools
Live Audience Polling
ask a question - they answer using sms text messages or the web
Online Stopwatch

Library Thing
Compare Google and Bing

Classroom Response Systems
Classroom Performance Systems
Promethean Activexpressions


We Follow
Caveman Twittering
5 Ways to Have Fun with Twitter
Twitter for Teachers
Twittas ? First Twitter Follow

TweetCloud– What’s Being Said?
FriendorFollow – Find out who you are following, who’s following you and more
Twitter Background Creation

Tools for Creating Projects and Presentations

– Welcome to the talking web. Create interactive guided presentations by combining web pages, photos, powerpoint and more with your voice, notes and highlights. Viewers can control the pages, scroll, click on links, view videos and more.
GlogsterPoster Yourself


Engage Me

Blooms Taxonomy – 1956

Bloom’s Bloom’s Taxonomy Blooms DigitallyBlooms Digitally

Bloom’s and the Digital World Visualblooms

12 Essentials for Technology Integration from Richard Byrne

Creating Documents and Presentations
Google Docs – gives you the power to create documents, spreadsheets, and slide shows using any Internet-connected computer
ZOHO Show – part of a suite of free web based tools – sign in with google or yahoo account. Offers more editing options and templates than those found on Google Presentation
Tools for Communicating with Parents and Students
edublogs – free blogging site designed just for classroom use
· – Quick and easy setup – no registration and completely free for up to 100mb of storage space
Weebly – create a free classroom website – they have excellent user support
Tools for Creating Collaborative Student Projects
Wikispaces – Not the only site for collaborative sites – pbwiki and ning are others. Wikispaces has provided more than 100,000 free advertising-free wikis to educators. Use it as a resource page for your students – they can share notes and references throughout the year. They can use it as a study guide for assessments.
Direct Link to Educator Sign Up:
ediscio – flashcard creation tool – can be used by an entire class to create a “card box” that all of the students can study. (images can be included on the cards also)
Educational Alternatives to YouTube
snagfilms – good for those on a limited budget and can be embedded in a blog or wiki for students
schooltube – similar to teachertube in that both are designed for classroom use. Schooltube generally has less advertising and faster uploads
dotsub – great resource for foreign language teachers, ESL/EFL teachers, and teachers of students with hearing impairments

Sound, Music, Video or Narration Soundboard Royality free music. Songs for teaching.
Musipedia - The Open Music Encyclopedia - searchable, editable, and expandable collection of tunes, melodies, and musical themes. Kind of neat – you can search by playing a flash piano, whistle it to the computer or tap the rhythm on the desk. Science songs Collection of math and science songs.

Media Converters

Zamzar Copy the address, the file will be sent to your email to download. A music converter - strip the audio
Mediaconverter Works well, but not consistently.
Listentoyoutube online, free youtube to mp3 converter
VLC Media Player – free download, great for playing dvd’s on pc’s with copyright issues. It also has conversion capabilities. Directions on using the convert feature Media Convert free and online, convert and split audio, ringtones, sounds
The Movie Clapper Board Generator
external image msword.png Moviemaker in the Classroom Ideas Week 1 Tech Camp.doc
WinFF – Convert your videos quickly and easily and all at once with this free downloadable program Format Factory Scott's pick for converting!
You Tube Download You Tube downloader. Excellent examples of Photostory as well as fabulous tips on how to put one together!

Free Computer Clean Up Tools
Spybot Search & Destroy scroll down page to download section and select the first option – install with default options. You must check for updates each time you run the program to be sure you have the newest data files. Run weekly for high internet use.
Malware Bytes install with defaults - update this program also and a simple scan will do you well unless you are having lots of issues.
AVG Free antivirus free antivirus that works well and doesn’t take a lot of your processor to run

This was created by using a free software program I downloaded from The program is called Sqirlz Morph. This was great fun - A guide for creating and using a wiki.