Mexico City Cathedral
Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!
Welcome to Spanish class! I am very excited to have you in class! Take a look at the following many are you familiar with? Have fun, check them out! Be sure to also check the calendar daily for homework and updates!

Mrs. Morrall
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Check out these sources!

Important!!!! CALENDAR

google squared--information about Spanish Speaking Countries

mexico information

6 traits


Create a house or other model and label parts

Create or join a group

Excellent source with a variety of links to great sites!

To find liks to Hispanic Related topics, go to:

Culture link:

Follow a virtual travel itinerary of historic properties:

Smithsonian Heritage month site:

NEA site:

Skype in the Classroom
Directory of educators that use Skype
A Skype Phonebook of Educators Cool tongue twisters in Spanish!!!

Create a Wordle
Historic speeches in Wordle
external image msword.png Wordle in the Classroom Ideas Week 1 Tech Camp.doc

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Squirlz Morph

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You need to know about it
Things our
grandkids will never know and more
Learning Ecology Graphic
Role of Educators Graphic
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Fun with Digital Images
Bubblejoy Create cards or messages
Cameroid Manipulate pictures or images.
Add Letters
Image Chef make your own icon - lose the brown square

Space Your Face
My Movie Moment Add an image to a movie or clip.
Jib Jab Create a Jib Jab Create photo mosaics
25 Sites to Create Cartoon Characters of Yourself Play with images!
Mushy Gushy Work with your images.
Generate License Plates Generate many different license plates. Create your own comic strips Create your own comics. Yearbook yourself! My Web Face make yourself a cartoon.

Collaborative Tools
A whole group of collaborative tools: the good, the bad and the ugly
Web pages that aren't static - they are constantly changing
Web 2.0 Tools Listing - from Meg's Wiki
Tribes We Need You to Lead Us by: Seth Godin
Web Exhibits
Web 2.0 Tools for Teachers from an Art Teacher


Interactive Tools
Live Audience Polling
ask a question - they answer using sms text messages or the web
Online Stopwatch

Library Thing
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Classroom Response Systems
Classroom Performance Systems
Promethean Activexpressions


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Caveman Twittering
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Twitter for Teachers
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TweetCloud– What’s Being Said?
FriendorFollow – Find out who you are following, who’s following you and more
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Tools for Creating Projects and Presentations

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GlogsterPoster Yourself


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Bloom’s Bloom’s Taxonomy Blooms DigitallyBlooms Digitally

Bloom’s and the Digital World Visualblooms

12 Essentials for Technology Integration from Richard Byrne

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Tools for Communicating with Parents and Students
edublogs – free blogging site designed just for classroom use
· – Quick and easy setup – no registration and completely free for up to 100mb of storage space
Weebly – create a free classroom website – they have excellent user support
Tools for Creating Collaborative Student Projects
Wikispaces – Not the only site for collaborative sites – pbwiki and ning are others. Wikispaces has provided more than 100,000 free advertising-free wikis to educators. Use it as a resource page for your students – they can share notes and references throughout the year. They can use it as a study guide for assessments.
Direct Link to Educator Sign Up:
ediscio – flashcard creation tool – can be used by an entire class to create a “card box” that all of the students can study. (images can be included on the cards also)
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Spanish I

Sra. Morrall
Room 303

Course Description
Spanish I introduces the fundamentals of communicating in the language, explores the culture, and recognizes the importance of the global community. Students will learn elementary grammar, introductory vocabulary, and cultural awareness. Two years of the same world language are required for college entrance, and three years are recommended/required by certain universities.

Enduring Understandings/Essential Questions
· Students will be able to interpret written and spoken language on a variety of topics
· Students will be able to present information on a variety of topics in target language
· Communicate in Spanish.
· Gain Knowledge and understanding of other cultures where Spanish is spoken.
· Connect with other disciplines and acquire information.
· Gain insight into the nature of the Spanish language and cultures of the countries where Spanish is spoken.
Instructional Materials

· Realidades Level 1
·, textbook website.
· Realiades Level 1 Practice Workbook
· Realiades Level 1 Writing, Audio, and Video Workbook
· Para empezar greetings; introductions; numbers; time; body parts; classroom; date; asking for help; weather; seasons
· Capitulo 1A ¿Qué te gusta hacer? Activities and expression for saying what you like and don’t like to do; infinitives; negative statements
· Capitulo 1B Y tú, ¿como eres? Adjectives and vocabulary to ask about and describe someone’s personality; definite & indefinite articles; Word order
· Capitulo 2A Tu día en la escuela classroom items and furniture; prepositions of location; subject pronouns; present tense of –ar verbs
· Capitulo 2B La sala de clases parts of the classroom; verb estar; plurals of nouns and articles
· Capitulo 3A ¿Desayuno o almuerzo? Foods; beverages; adverbs to show frequency; present tense of –er & -ir; me gusta(n)
· Capitulo 3B Para mantener la salud expressions to discuss health, preferences, agreement, disagreement and quality; ser; plural of adjectives
· Capitulo 4A ¿Adonde vas? Leisure activities; places; the verb ir; interrogative words
· Capitulo 4B ¿Quieres ir conmigo? Leisure activities; feelings; expressions to tell when something happens; ir+a+infinitivo, jugar
· Capitulo 5A Una fiesta de cumpleaños family and parties; the verb tener; possesive adjectives
· Capitulo 5B ¡Vamos a un restaurante! Describing people and ordering a meal; the verb venir; the verbs ser and estar
· Capitulo 6A En mi dormitorio bedroom items; electronic equipment; colors; adjectives to describe things; poder and dormir
· Capitulo 6B ¿Cómo es tu casa? Rooms in a house; household chores; affirmative commands; the present progressive tense
· Capitulo 7A pp. 320 - 342 ¿Cuánto cuesta? Clothing, shopping ,Numbers 200 – 1000, Verbs pensar, querer, preferir, Demonstrative adjectives
· Capítulo 7B pp. 343 – 371 ¡Qué regalo! Places to shop, Direct object pronouns, Preterite – ar verbs
· Capitulo 8A
Regular and punctual attendance is a key to your success in this course and in life. Spanish is a step-by-step process, with each day’s material building upon the previous day’s lesson. Much of what is learned is also a result of active participation and interaction with both the teacher and other class members. Also, unique class experiences cannot be replicated at a later date.

Assessments and Grading
Grading is based upon tests and quizzes given with every unit, projects, written and oral work in class, and homework assignments. Since practice of vocabulary and grammar is necessary to learning a foreign language, homework will be given daily. You must spend time each day outside of class practicing your Spanish. Your success is determined by your own effort.

Usefull websites

ONLINE ASSESSMENT STUDY LINKS (use a home computer or one in the lab at school)

PARA EMPEZAR (pp 1-23)

· En la escuela: (challenge): greetings (practice) (practice) (practice), introductions, leave-takings, numbers (notes 1-10) (notes 11-30) (notes 31-1000) (practice), time (notes) (practice) (practice) , body parts (practice with **un**/**una**) (practice)
· En la clase: nouns & gender (notes) classroom (practice), days of the week (notes), months/seasons/date (notes), asking for help
· El tiempo: weather & seasons (practice) ("quiz") ( put them in order) xx
TEMA 1 "Mis amigos y yo" (pp 24-71)

· activities & expressions for saying what you like and don't like to do (practice)
· adjectives and vocabulary to ask about and describe someone's personalilty (practice) ~Grammar
· infinitives (columns) (matching)
· adjectives - singular & word order (notes) (practice)
· making negative statements
· definite and indefinite articles (notes) (practice) (columns) (pop-up)
TEMA 2 "La escuela" (pp 72-121)

· classroom items and furniture (practice)
· parts of the classroom
· prepositions of location ~Grammar
· subject pronouns (notes) ("quiz") (columns) (practice)
· the present tense of -AR verbs (notes) (practice) (pop-up drill) (rags to riches)
· the verb ESTAR (practice) ("quiz")
· plurals of nouns and articles (notes plural nouns) xx
TEMA 3 "La comida" (pp 122-169)

· foods
· beverages
· adverbs of frequency
· expressions to show surprise
· expressions to discuss health
· expressions to discuss preferences, agreement, disagreement, and quantity
· adjectives to describe food ~Grammar
· present tense of -ER (notes) and -IR (notes) verbs ("quiz") (notes -AR, -ER, -IR)
· me gusta(n), me encanta(n) (practice) (practice) (practice) (practice)
· the plural of adjectives ("quiz" adjective-noun agreement)
· the verb SER (notes) (practice using **es** / **son**) ("quiz") (practice using SER vs. ESTAR)
CULTURE topics to be encountered this year:
Hispanic Heritage Month
//fiestas en España//
//el día de los muertos//
//tapas// and tapas bars
//el cinco de mayo//
//el mercado al aire libre//
//el mate//
xx//Tomatina// festival
Maya - early civilization in MesoAmerica (Middle America) Encyclopedia Britannica
Aztec origins Encyclopedia Britannica
Aztec Indians of México and Spain's Arrival Encyclopedia Britannica
Aztec calendar Encyclopedia Britannica
Hispanic countries & flags
Maya writing
Realidades cultural extras
Syllables and when to stress themx
xx jai-alai Encyclopedia Britannica
Frida Kahlo Encyclopedia Britannica


Visit these sites and learn more that all you wanted to know about this Mexican holiday...then answer the questions at the end!

· Cinco de mayo (history)

· 5 de mayo (history)

· Cinco de mayo
· Cinco de mayo

· 5 de mayo (arts, crafts, games, recipes & more)

· Cinco de mayo (history, fiesta menu, recipes & decorating ideas)

· Origin of el 5 de mayo
· 5 de mayo (history, activities & more)


1. What was the name of the battle? Why?
2. Who were the Mexicans fighting?
3. Who was the ruler of the country whose army the Mexicans were fighting?
4. What was the year of the battle?
5. Is 5 de mayo Mexico's "Indepencence Day"?

Thanks for visiting this website! Have a great year and remember to ask for help if you need it!
Mrs. Morrall